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Anokhi - End is the new beginning

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Anokhi escaped on a horrific night, with tons of bruises and cuts on her body. Some parts of her face and hands were severely burnt. But, she stayed strong and determined. She walked till she reached the main road but fell unconscious just when she saw an approaching truck.

What happened to her that horrible night? Why was Anokhi in such a bad shape?

Read this heart wrenching story of a strong independent girl and courageous girl who risks her life to stand up against injustice.

Chapter 1 Preview

It is approximately 2.30 a.m. The darkness is as terrifying as a black hole, devouring every particle of the sky. The wind is blowing intensely to heighten the drama of the night. Crops are rustling against one other on the large field. And, it seems scarecrows are laughing wickedly in the middle of the farm.

 Anokhi is limping helplessly through the fields in torn clothes, wimping in pain. Her blood is draining slowly. Her eyes are clotted, lips are cut and her face is smeared with blood from a head injury. Her thighs are badly bruised. The acid has severely burned her hands and partially, her face. The skin is peeling off at several places on her body due to the acid reaction. 

 She places one hand on her abdomen to apply pressure on the cut in order to stop the bleeding. Her breathing becomes strained as she walks across the fields, but she continues. She walks slowly, determined to reach the main road for help .

 Just then, she notices two cars rushing down the road towards the farmhouse. She stays at ground level in the middle of the crops for a time. The cars came to a halt in front of the farmhouse. A few men come out and go into the farmhouse.

 Anokhi starts walking briskly to get away from the farmhouse. Despite her pain, she limps with all her power towards the main road. Suddenly, there is an explosion.


 The farmhouse blows up and a massive fire erupts, levelling up like a mountain. She pauses for a moment to examine it. It is a magnificent orange fire mountain, with smoke reaching up in the sky. She smiles like a lioness and starts walking again with all her strength. Finally, she arrives at to the main road, but her destination is still far away. She needs to travel another few kilometres to reach the highway and find a vehicle to help her reach the hospital. She could barely walk at this point, but she doesn’t give up hope. She begins to drag her left foot to slide forward towards the roadway.

 There she is. Walking alone on the road, limping, covered in blood and with charred skin all over her body. Her vision is filled with images of pain, torment, and harassment. Her heart is filled with grief which is reflected on her face.

 "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" she shouts with all her might to vent out her anger and frustration.

 However, no one hears her heart-breaking cries. Heavy automobiles are speeding along the highway and there are far too many yellow lights blinking and honking. She pauses for a while to muster her strength before walking to the middle of the highway.

 The driver applies the brakes, causing the tires to skid on the highway.

 Suddenly, she looks up to see a large yellow light approaching her. Two headlights combined into one large light speeds towards her. In a jiffy, everything goes white.

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Anokhi - End is the new beginning

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